We are Farmers

There are roughly 18,000 Asian American farm operators in the U.S., farming almost 2 million acres.*

Many foods we eat, grow and catch have been enjoyed for thousands of years in Asia, and many of our families first came to the US as farmers or food workers. We want to continue to participate in food and farming and pass on our traditions to the next generation.

We are grateful for the blessings of the land, sea, air and mountains.  We want to find ways to protect the Earth, human health and our climate for future generations by reducing usage of chemicals, fossil fuel inputs and artificial additives.

*Source: 2007 Census of Agriculture


“AAPIs carry legacies of deep connection to food and agriculture. With policy like the Farm Bill, the ways we all eat, grow and access food are at stake. Our voices are needed ensure these decisions are healthy ones that benefit and reflect our communities.” – Aileen Suzara, Filipino/American food educator and organic farmer