We are Consumers

AAPI buying power was estimated at $509 billion in 2009, rising to $697 billion in 2014.* Compared with other households, AAPI families spent more on fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, seafood and rice.** We care about the source of our food and are willing to invest in high-quality good food for our families. We need transparent labeling and the assurance of clean, fair, fresh food.

At the same time, almost 500,000 AAPI households received SNAP benefits (food stamps) in 2010. We need multilingual access to wholesome food in times of need.

*Source: “The Multicultural Economy 2009,” Selig Center for Economic Growth, University of Georgia Terry College of Business.
**Source: “Food-at-home expenditures of Asian households,” Monthly Labor Report June 2006, Bureau of Labor Statistics.