We are Citizens

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S., and may determine key elections in swing states like Virginia, Florida and Nevada.* There are nearly 7 million AAPIs eligible to vote, but barely half of those voted in the 2008 election. We have the potential to favorably impact every sector of the food system, through our voices, votes and vision.

*Source: Asian American Justice Center poll, May 2012.

“The Farm Bill is important because I want my Vietnamese parents, my extended family, friends, and all of us to clean our vegetables only once to rinse before cooking and not also because they, and we, know that they were most likely sprayed with chemicals out on the field.
The Farm Bill is important because Vietnamese fisherfolk and crafted sea harvesters along the coasts of the U.S. and across the world deserve the freedom, insurance, and protection to hone their craft and pass it along to their next generations and have less impediments to reaching other markets. AAPIs have a strong history of entrepreneurship, community, and real food.  The Farm Bill needs to reflect this.” – Võ Hải, Life Real Now